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VoltSensor Member List

This is the complete list of members for VoltSensor, including all inherited members.
AMPS enum valueSensor
BATT enum valueSensor
CLOSED enum valueSensor
ERROR enum valueSensor
getID()VoltSensor [virtual]
getName()VoltSensor [virtual]
getStatus()VoltSensor [virtual]
getValue()VoltSensor [virtual]
IDSensor [protected]
nameSensor [protected]
OPEN enum valueSensor
packetSensor [protected]
POW enum valueSensor
sendInfo()Sensor [virtual]
senSemSensor [protected]
Sensor(char *senName, Type senType, int senID)Sensor
setValue(int newVal)VoltSensor [virtual]
Status enum nameSensor
statusSensor [protected]
TEMP enum valueSensor
Type enum nameSensor
valueSensor [protected]
VOLT enum valueSensor
VoltSensor(char *senName, int senID)VoltSensor
~Sensor()=0Sensor [pure virtual]

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