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CS498EmbeddedSystemsProgramming Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AmpsSensorClass for dealing with amp sensor data
BattSensorClass for dealing with battery sensor data
HBeatPacketPackets sent on a time interval to maintain a constant connection with the other side
JoystickManagerReads inputs from the joystick - via version
JoystPacketPackets for holding one directional command for the joystick
LoginPacketPackets holding login information Packet format: :[TYPE][ID][TIME][USER][PASSWORD]
NetConnWatchdogWatchdog for the wireless network connect
PacketDefines the data structure of a packet
PowSensorClass for dealing with the power setting on a motor sensor data
RoboteqSCThis class is responsible for opening, reading and controlling the roboteqAX2550 speed controller
SensorAbstract class for a Sensor
SensorManagerManager for the sensors
SensrPacketSend sensor data over the outNet
SysLogSystem logger to write to during information - via version
TempSensorClass for dealing with temperature sensor data
ViaInNetSockClass to control incomming data
ViaNetManagerClass responsible for interfacing with the incomming and outgoing data sockets
ViaOutNetSockThe via class responsible for outgoing data
VoltSensorClass for dealing with voltage sensor data

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