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LoginPacket Member List

This is the complete list of members for LoginPacket, including all inherited members.
cTimePacket [protected]
END enum valuePacket
getID()Packet [virtual]
getTime()Packet [virtual]
getType()Packet [virtual]
HBEAT enum valuePacket
IDPacket [protected]
IDLEN enum valuePacket
JOYST enum valuePacket
LOGIN enum valuePacket
LoginPacket(char *data)LoginPacket
MESSAGELEN enum valueLoginPacket
NOSET enum valuePacket
OVERHEAD enum valuePacket
passLoginPacket [private]
PASSWORD enum valueLoginPacket
registerPacket()LoginPacket [virtual]
sendPacket(int fd)LoginPacket [virtual]
setID()Packet [virtual]
setID(int newID)Packet [virtual]
setLogin(char *newLog)LoginPacket
setPassword(char *newPass)LoginPacket
setTime()Packet [virtual]
setTime(int newTime)Packet [virtual]
setType(Type packetType)Packet [virtual]
START enum valuePacket
TIMELEN enum valuePacket
TOTLEN enum value (defined in LoginPacket)LoginPacket
Type enum namePacket
typePacket [protected]
TYPELEN enum valuePacket
userLoginPacket [private]
USERNAME enum valueLoginPacket

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